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Docs for ReButton

Step 1 : Uploading firmware binary to Azure Storage

You can upload ReButton firmware binary to Azure Storage wiith Azure CLI tool.

1.1 : Install Azure CLI

Please refer to Azure CLI install instruction here.

And Using the Azure CLI with Azure Storage page is helpful to process things on this instruction.

1.2 : Create a new storage account

To use Azure Storage, you need a storage account. You can create a new Azure Storage account after you’ve configured your computer to connect to your subscription.

az storage account create \
    --location <location> \
    --name <account_name> \
    --resource-group <resource_group> \
    --sku <account_sku>


az storage account create --location japaneast \
--name seeedkk --resource-group ReButton --sku Standard_GRS

You can use same resource group to IoT Hub.

1.3: Set default Azure storage account

First, display your storage account keys by using following account.

az storage account keys list \
    --account-name <account_name> \
    --resource-group <resource_group> \
    --output table


az storage account keys list --account-name seeedkk \
--resource-group ReButton

Now that you have the key, you can define it and the account name as environment variables:

export AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT=<account_name>
export AZURE_STORAGE_KEY=<key>

1.4 Create a container

Every blob in Azure storage must be in a container. You can create a container by using following command.

az storage container create --name <container_name> \
--public-access container

1.5 Upload a blob to a container

And you can upload firmware binary to Azure storage with following command.

az storage blob upload \
    --file <local_file_path> \
    --container-name <container_name> \
    --name <blob_name>


az storage blob upload -f ReButtonApp.1.0.bin \
--container-name rebuttonfirm --name ReButtonApp.1.0.bin

1.6: Grab the URL

You can find the URL of uploaded blob on Azure Portal.

On the portal, please find Storage accounts in All services and then choose storage accounts you used to upload, and choose Blobs.

storage accounts

In the container you have just used, you can find uploaded file(blob). By clicking the filename, you can refer the URL.

Step 2: Calculate CRC

CRC can calclulate with generatecrc command we are providing in this repository.


$ cd generatecrc
$ ./generatecrc ../ReButtonApp.1.0.bin
========== ReButton Firmware Information ==========

Package path: ../ReButtonApp.1.0.bin
Package CRC: 0xbc3b
Package size: 641924


Step 3: OTA process

OTA consume power. Please use fresh battery, not to interrupt OTA process.

  1. Enter ReButton to AP mode by press hold the button until RGB LED turns into White. (reminder: connect to the AP AZB-xxxxxxxxxxxx and the URL of the page is
  2. Browse to ReButton - Home page then click Firmware Update.
  3. Enter following information.
    • Package URI - got on Step 1.6
    • Package CRC - got on Step 2.
    • Package Size - got on Step 2.
  4. While holding (physical) button of ReButton, click Update.
  5. Hold button until RGB LED starts blinking. ReButton is downloading the firmware image, checking CRC, and flashing new image. This will take about 30 seconds.
  6. Release button when RGB LED turns into White. So that you are entering AP mode with new firmware.
  7. Please set-up ReButton Wi-Fi connection and Azure connection settings on this AP mode.